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We write about New York politics focused on the issues too often left out of the conversation: housing and homelessness, public transit and the public realm, renewable energy and resiliency. 

Why these issues? Because the common factor behind New York’s increasing cost of living and declining quality of life is a failure to adapt our built environment to changing times. 

Too few homes means skyrocketing rents, homelessness, and sprawl. Car-first streets mean poor public transit, carbon emissions, and traffic violence. Failure to adapt energy production and infrastructure means more frequent, more damaging weather emergencies.

The problem isn’t just that these stories don’t get enough attention—it’s that, up until now, the major institutions through which New Yorkers come together to build and deploy political power have been at best apathetic and at worst antagonistic to the policy solutions we need. 

Instead of growing resources for everyone, we fight over the scraps.

Don’t get us wrong: New York is full of advocacy groups, elected officials, and everyday residents fighting to build dense, walkable, integrated, sustainable communities. However, the forces of dynamism are currently diffuse and disempowered—siloed in specific issue advocacy organizations or specific candidates’ campaigns. 

Abundance New York exists to change that, providing a political home for everyone who believes that the city and state's superpowers are growth and change.

To amass and deploy political power, we must come together. Together, we can shift political decision-making and discourse towards building a New York with more: more than enough homes, more than enough public transit, more than enough green space, more than enough clean energy. More than enough for everyone.

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We’re excited to unleash the best of New York, together.

— The Abundance NY Team

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Abundance New York is building a new political home for New Yorkers who believe our city and state's superpowers are growth and change. Read here to learn more about our vision and how to take action.


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